Yuan Li is here to transform sport in China, with dedicated professional coaching in safe and inspirational settings in city centers.With an amazing location, Yuan Li Beijing sets the tone for the centers which will follow in other cities.Come and join us and make it happen for you and your family.
Yuan Li’s name comes from Yuan = Source ,Li = Power and Yuan Li Sports management Group, was created to build first class Sports centers in China. With a vision of building a gateway to bring the best international Sports know-how and practices to China.
Yuan Li:
Elite Sports Centers
Sports Academies Management
Sports Tournaments Organization
Sports Talent Management
Sports Tech Incubator
Yuan Li Sports Management Group, is a privately held company which aggregates Sports resources across government and the private sector of China, with a mission to help China’s vision to become A “Sports Super Power” by year 2035.


In line with the purpose of combining physical education with physical education, the club actively advocates learning first and expertise second. Through teaching and training, it can cultivate children's good quality of hard-working, temper their will, exercise and improve their physical quality, and establish a platform to improve their sports level for children who love sports. Professional training system and comprehensive courses are in our club. Join us quickly!